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Silver Jewelry

Jewelry is a popular accessory for both men and women today. Many people prefer the look of gold, while others prefer the elegance of silver jewelry. Not as flashy as gold, it adds a more subtle glitter to a personís appearance. It is also more affordable than gold, which makes it popular with those who want to add glitter without using up all their extra spending money. There are as many varieties of silver jewelry available as gold, perhaps even more. Silver necklaces are popular, either to carry a pendant or as a plain chain. There are dozens of thicknesses of chains, as well as plain, woven, or patterned ones.

Pendants vary in size from very small to very large, with or without stones, or with a pattern etched into the metal. There is a similar range of options when it comes to bracelets, as well as those designed to have charms attached. Silver charm bracelets are popular with girls and young women, who add charms that represent important things in their life, such as pets, hobbies, sports, and places they have visited. Other popular items are silver earrings. They can be small, post style or dandling earrings, shaped like animals, flowers, or hoops. Gemstone earrings are also popular, especially birthstone earrings. Given the variety of silver jewelry available, it is easy for anyone to find a piece they like and will wear. It also makes a great gift for someone of almost any age and taste, man or woman.

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