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Sterling Silver Charms

Almost everyone collects or has collected something during their life. We gather things to remind us of places we have been, things we have done, people we have met. Many women and girls have charm bracelets, to which they can add sterling silver charms representing important things in their life. Silver charms are made in hundreds of shapes, from which the collector can choose those important to her.

An athlete might select a soccer ball, a tennis racket, or a hockey stick; an animal lover might choose dog, cat, and horse figures; while a musician might go for musical notes, cleft symbols, and a charm of the instrument she plays. An avid reader can find a book charm, a music lover might add a miniature CD or record player, someone who loves to cook will opt for a set of measuring spoons or a fry pan. Most people are more likely to have a mixture of sterling silver charms, though, representing the diverse interests in their life. One person might gave a tennis racket, cookbook, and CD on her bracelet, while her best friend has a miniature playing card, a soccer ball, and a seashell. Silver charm bracelets are a picture of the interests of the owner, so each will be unique. Quality silver bracelets are available to hold the charms, and can be found at jewelry stores, department stores, or online retailers. Likewise, people can find charms for themselves or as gifts for friends at number of stores and mall kiosks.

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