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Women's Silver Pendants

Many women like to wear necklaces and pendants, both as an accessory to brighten their appearance and to display something important to them. Women’s silver pendants might be something that has special meaning to them, such as a locket with pictures of loved ones or a piece of their child’s hair. Or it might have been a gift from a best friend, a boyfriend, or a child. Women’s pendants often represent something important in their life, like a hobby or accomplishment.

A dancer might wear a silver ballet shoe around her neck, while an accomplished musician might wear a violin or musical cleft symbol. Many religious and ideological pendants are also made, including crosses and Stars of David, peace and eternity symbols. Silver pendants might be small or large, plain silver or any number of designs. Etched pendants are popular, with symbols or letters carved into the metal. Those who want a little more color will have no trouble finding gemstone pendants, with everything from diamonds to amber to turquoise incorporated into the design. Birthstone pendants are popular gifts for family members, especially young mothers. Gemstone pendants can also express a woman’s connection with a place: a large turquoise and silver one shows her connection with the southwestern United States, while an amber and silver creation might illustrate Polish heritage. Or, at it’s simplest, women’s silver pendants are pretty decorations, intended to do nothing more than add color and style to an outfit. And a little added color is almost never a bad thing.

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