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Unit Six In A Nature Park















1.河流r _ v _ r    2.树 tr _ _            3.房子 h __ __ se

4.花 fl _ _ er       5.森林 f _ r _ s _ t     6.建筑物bu _ _ ding

7.公园 p _ _ k      8.公路 r _ _ d         9.桥 bri _ _ e

10.干净的 cl _ _ n


1.    white cloud             A.在农场上

2.    blue sky                B.白云

3.    on the farm             C.蓝天

4.    in the city             D.在草地上

5.    on the grass            E.在城市里

6.    near the village        F.山

7.    path                    G.自然公园

8.    mountain                H.在村庄旁边

9.    nature park             I.小道

10.fresh air               J.新鲜空气







1.There is a bike in the picture.

2.There are two birds in the picture.

3.There are many flowers in the picture.

4.There is a tree in the picture.

5.There are many clouds in the sky.






1.Is there a river?


2.Are there any houses?


3.Are there any trees?


4.Is there a lake?


5.Are there any mountains?



(   )1.___ a river in the park?

         A. Is there    B. Are there   C. There is   D. There are

  (   )2.—Is there a bird in the sky? ---_____ .

A.    Yes, there are     B. Yes, there isn’t

C. Yes, there is      D. No, there is

(   ) 3.Are there any fish in the river?

       A. No, there isn’t.      B. Yes, there are two fish.

 C. Yes, there are two fishes.   D. No, there are.

(   ) 4.Thre are _____apple in my bag.

        A. a   B. an  C. many  D. any

(   ) 5.____ two pens on the desk?

        A. Is   B. Am   C. Are   D. Are there

(   ) 6.—How many books are there on the shelf?---_____.

        A. Yes, there are         B. No, there aren’t.

C. They are many books.   D. Three

(   ) 7.—Can you see the cat in the picture? ---_____.

A. Yes, I can.            B. Yes, there is.

C. No, I can              D. No, there isnt

(   )8.The bridge is      the river.

A. in    B. on     C. over      D. in front of

(   )9.There are      tall buildings in the village.

A. no    B. not    C. many      D. a

(   )10.     is the closet?  Its near my bed.

A. What   B. Where  C. Who    D. How



  1、公园里有一个湖。   There is a       in the          .

  2、村庄里有一条河?          There a        in the village?


Is there a mirror on the end table? No,               .


Are there        tall        in the city? Yes,          .


1、there, Is, forest, nature park, the, a, in


2、There, many, fish, in are, river, the


3、any, in, the, Are, there, pandas, mountain


4、many, There, houses, my, are, in, village


5、can, many, see, You, fish




Hello! I'm Mary. Id like to introduce my village to you. My village is in the mountains. There are many small houses and a river. There is a bridge over the river. The water is clean. There are many fish in it. There is a road near the river. There are many flowers beside the road. My village is really beautiful. You can see green grass, many trees and a lake. Welcome to my village. Youll love it too.

1、Marys village is beautiful.                     (   )

2、There is a road near the river.                  (   )

3、There are many tall buildings in the village.    (   )

4、There isnt a bridge over the river.             (   )

5、There are no flowers near the road.              (   )


My name is Tom. This is my village. It is in the mountains. There are many small houses and a river. There is a bridge near the river. There are many fish in the river. There is a road beside the river. There are many flowers near the road. There is green grass. There is a lake near the village. The water is clean. Its a beautiful village.

1、Where is the village?                                  

2、Whats over the river?                               

3、Is there a lake near the village?                     

4、Where is the road?                                    

5、Are there any fish in the river?                     








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