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五年级英语测验卷(Unit 5

Name_________ Calss__________ No.___________ Mark_________




1. ______________________________________?

  The kangaroos are jumping.

2. ______________________________________?

  No, it isn’t. The bear is sleeping.

3. ______________________________________?

  Yes, I can see two monkeys. They are swinging.

4. ______________________________________?

  It’s June 1st, our Children’s Day.

5. ______________________________________?

  Because I can plant trees in spring.



Ken: ____________________________________?

Sue: I see two tigers.

Ken: ____________________________________?

Sue: They are near the river.

Ken: ____________________________________?

Sue: They’re swimming.

Ken: ____________________________________?

Sue: Yes, they can really swim.

Ken: ____________________________________?

Sue: No, I can’t see any elephants.







Miss white is a primary school teacher. She teaches math. She is very responsible (负责) and she loves all the students. Usually she gets up at 6:20 in the morning. But this morning she gets up at 5:40, because she is on duty today. First, she gets ready for classes at home, then she goes to school at 6:50. At 7:00, she comes back to school. Then she eats breakfast in the canteen. At 7:20, she stands at the gate (大门) of school and wait for her students to come back school.

(    )1. When does Miss White usually get up in the morning?

      A. At 6:20.          B. At 5:40.          C. At 6:30.

(    )2. Why does Miss White get up so early this morning?

A.     Because she loves all the students.   

B.     Because she is on duty today.

C.     Because she gets ready for classes.

(    )3. Where does she eat breakfast?

     A. At home.       B. In a restaurant. (餐厅)     C. In the school canteen.

(    )4. What does Miss White do?

     A. She is a music teacher.           B. She is an English teacher.

     C. She is a math teacher.

(    )5. Does she get ready for classes this morning?

     A. Yes, she is.      B. Yes, she does.        C. No, she doesn’t.



(    )1. Can bear ___________? No, they can’t.

      A. swim        B. swimming         C. swims

(    )2. What is _______ mom doing? __________ cooking dinner.

      A. your…. He’s       B. you…. She’s       C. your….She’s

(    )3. There is a call ____________.

      A. to you          B. for you           C. at you

(    )4. _______ the tiger sleeping? No.

      A. Is             B. Are               C. Do

(    )5. _______ are the fish?    They are in the river.

      A. Where          B. What            C. Who

(    )6. _______ pencil do you like best?  I like the blue one best.

      A. Which          B. Where           C. What

(    )7. Why do you like summer? Because I can swim _____ summer.

      A. on             B. in               C. at

(    )8. _____ Sarah usually go to school at 7:00? No, she doesn’t.

     A. Do              B. Is               C. Does

(    )9. What’s the __________? It’s October _______, our National Day.

     A. date….1th         B. date….1st         C. day….1st

(    )10. How _____ are you?  I’m fourteen.

    A. much            B. old               C. many

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