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Unit 4 练习

班级_______   姓名  _______


1、What are you doing ?(画画)


2、What can you do ?(洗衣服)


3、What do you often do on the weekend ?( 去购物)


4、What is Amy doing ?(写信)


5、What is John doing ?(写电子邮件)


6、What is your mother doing ?(做饭)


7、What is your dad doing ?(接电话)


8、What can your sister do ?(打扫房间)


9、What can your brother do ?(洗碗碟)



A: Hello .

B: Hello .____________John ._________________________________?

A: Just fine .Dad ____________________ a letter . Brother is _________the room .Sister is _____________________ music .I _______________homework .

B: ____________________ mom ?  ___________________________?

A: Sure.Hold on please .She’s cleaning her car .Mom,________________.

Mom: I’m coming ._________________________________?

A: John .






1. I can ______(play / playing) football.

2. I usually _______(watch / watching) TV on the weekend .

3. I’m _________(do /doing ) the homework.

4. Look! Chen jie is __________ (draw /drawing) pictures.

5. Let’s _________ (eat / eating) lunch together .



1. A :___________________________?

  B: I am writing a letter.

2. A: ___________________________?

 B: I can do the dishes.

3. A:___________________________?

B: Yes, my father is cleaning the room.

4. A:____________________________?

B: I often read a book on the weekend .

5. A:_____________________________?

B: My mother often cooks dinner at 6:00.


五、澳门银河娱乐网站理解, 填空。

  It’s Sunday today . It’s sunny.  I go to a park with my parents. I am playing football with my father. Mother is flying a kite. A boy is flying a kites with his mother ,too. There are two students. They are playing games . A girl is jumping on the grass. Two women are watering the flowers.

 1. My father is__________________________.

 2. _______ is flying a kites.

 3. Two students are ______________________.

4. ___________ are watering the flowers.

 5. There are _______ people in the park.

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